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Automated Trading

April 14, 2012 by admin in Articles, Forex with 0 Comments

Automated trading is the ability to open and close positions automatically and not manually as we all are used to. Most of the traders use the “buy” or “sell” buttons when they want to open a position, which means that they have to be around the computer with an internet connection available in order to send these orders.

The automatic trading was developed in order to avoid situations in which we want to open a position but we do not have access to a trading platform or we just do not want to waste time by sitting next to the computer and wait until the currency reaches the price we want. It also helps the trader to overcome one of the biggest obstacles in trading- the mentally issue. It is hard, for the human nature, to follow the exact rules for a long time, and the result is that the trader turns to a gambler. The automated trading eliminates the mentally aspect in trading, since the decisions are taken by the program the trader sets.

How does it work?

Advanced Forex trading platforms, such as Meta-Trader, allows the possibility to program full trading system that will take actions when a condition or a group of conditions exists. Then, the platform automatically buys or sells a currency in the size determined in the program, without any intervention of the trader himself. Knowing how to program a trading plan requires the knowledge of the program’s language, which one can learn from various websites. For those who do not wish to learn how to program, they can download full strategies and install them in the trading platform.

Who should use automatic trading?

·         Clients who doesn’t have the time or the knowledge to trade

·         Traders who doesn’t feel ready to trade by themselves

·         Traders that wants to diversity their investment portfolio.

·         Traders who believe in the market but suffers from losses in their accounts

·         Clients that are looking to invest and not to trade.

Why they should use automatic trading?

·         The markets work for you 24 hours a day

·         No need to invest your time

·         Thousands of signal providers and a variety of different strategies

·         Simple and convenient interface for viewing and analyzing the results

·         Advanced risk-management system with variable options for risk management

·         The ability to track the number of suppliers simultaneously

·         The ability to trade multiple accounts simultaneously

·         The ultimate tool to benefit from experienced traders’ knowledge.

·         Back up your trading decision with market trends from strategies and users.

Risk Disclosure

Trading and the execution of transactions in currencies, commodities, CFD  indexes and other financial products with or without using  high financial leverage, is speculative trading of high risk and may cause substantial gain or loss proportional to the size of the collateral, up to the total loss of the collateral sum in a very short period. The fluctuation of the prices and rates in the currency markets, commodities, CFD , indexes and other  financial derivatives are often volatile and there is no accurate   forecasting as per the size of the change, its direction and the time frame in which it occurs.You must consider carefully and seriously if this type of financial activity fits your needs, your financial resources and personal circumstances. Since the risk of losing some of the invested funds or all the funds in a relative short period is high; it is recommended that you use for that purpose funds which you designated for speculative financial transactions of high risk.

 You acknowledge and fully understand that there may be more and other risks which are not detailed or not cotained above

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